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Why Do You Need A Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a valuable feature for many business websites. Mobile device users are among the largest and fastest growing groups on the Internet, and it has been a global expansion. Far beyond voice and SMS communications, mobile devices have expanded capacities so that many users can complete an impressive range of business tasks and social functions.

FACT: More than half of all searches come from mobile devices.

Converting your current site into a mobile or responsive site is no longer a choice for your company’s website it’s a necessity. Consider the fact that search engines like Google and Bing use a multitude of variables like User Experience to determine which site will provide the web searcher the best experience. Part of the User Experience is having a Responsive Website. If you plan on having SEO as a piece of your strategy then you need to go responsive. For many companies this means redesigning your site from scratch or choosing a theme that is Responsive. But if you can’t do either then go to Duda Mobile and format your site into a mobile site. It’s not a solution for the long term, but it will help in the short term.


For some businesses, a responsive website is a significant advantage. Whether reaching out to consumers or making assets available for use by clients, their Web pages must work with various devices, operating systems, and across a range of platforms. A flexible design system uses a single website to provide access to a wide range of devices. In this arrangement, the single set of code requires a query arrangement to detect the appropriate format for deploying the site.

Mobile or Flexible Web Pages
Dedicated mobile websites are designed to run mobile applications. Developers frame these websites to fit one-half or one-quarter of the width of a standard 960-pixel screen. Mobile apps expand the range of tasks that users can perform on mobile devices. Modern mobile devices can accommodate extensive interaction with your website. The expansion of technical capacities and mobile apps has created increased engagement opportunities for web pages that interact efficiently with small handheld devices

Responsive websites offer the better of two worlds. They look great and function according to plan on full sized screens; they adjust to fit other smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones. There are trade-offs and consumer trends that you must consider when deciding on a dedicated mobile site or single flexible site. When adding a dedicated mobile site, one must use a redirect code to send mobile users from the standard site to the mobile site. This switch takes time and, depending on connection speeds, may cause a noticeable delay.

Versatility and Savings
Find a web developer or agency to assist our company in making the switch to a design that can adjust automatically to the device on which it is viewed. This approach spares the expense of building a separate mobile website. The single website approach can save on development costs and reduce the time needed to add mobile compatibility to your Web presence. For some businesses, the two-tiered approach works best. For example, businesses that rely upon quickly delivering telephone coordinates to smartphone users, or businesses that connect tablet users to retail locations, store selections and local inventories. These businesses may conclude that a dedicated mobile site works best for mobile users.

To determine whether your website is responsive or not you can use the Bing or Google mobile friendly tool listed below.

Bing Tool: Google Tool:

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