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Understanding the Basics of Mobile Marketing

Understanding the Basics of Mobile Marketing

Technology is a wonderful thing, but today’s businesses have more opportunity to attract new customers and connect with current clients. If you’re not using mobile marketing yet, you’re missing out on some incredible opportunities. Read on to discover how mobile marketing can impact your business in a positive manner.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Before you can decide how to implement mobile marketing in your business, you need to understand what it actually is. Mobile marketing occurs when you use mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablets, to reach your audience. This allows you to connect with your target audience immediately with minimal effort.


What Are the Different Types of Mobile Marketing?

There are two basic types of mobile marketing: one-way and two-way. A one-way message is something you want to broadcast to those in your database. For instance, you might decide to send a last-minute SMS text out to inform clients that there are still tickets left for tonight’s show. You could encourage them to visit your mobile website to purchase tickets, but no specific response is required.

A two-way message is more interactive. First, the customer will text a specific keyword to your number to join your database. Once you have their contact information and permission, you can keep them informed about current campaigns and provide incentives. For instance, a restaurant owner could send, “Text ‘CHEAPAPP’ to (five-digit number) to get a 50 percent discount off your next appetizer purchase!”

How Can Mobile Marketing Help Your Business?

In addition to SMS messaging, you can develop other mobile marketing methods that will help take your business to the next level. You can develop an attractive and well-organized mobile app to make it easier for customers to order your products and services and connect with both current and potential customers without drastically increasing your marketing budget.

Creating a responsive website allows customers to connect with your business quickly when they need answers. We are living in a society that wants instant access to information, and you can make your business stand out from the competition by giving your customers multiple ways to reach you and provide feedback.

Mobile marketing has exploded in popularity over the last five years, and it is expected to continue to increase. Once you get started, you’ll love the convenience of being able to reach your customers anytime and anywhere by just sending simple messages.

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