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Tik Tok Ad Pricing

Tik Tok has many options for Small Businesses

Standard Ads: minimum of $25,000. CPM of $8

Takeover Ads: The minimum spend for this format is $53,000 per day, which buys 8.9 impressions.

Topview Ads: For 7.4 million impressions, advertisers must fork out $65,000 per day. 

In-Feed video: The starting price for this format is $26,000 for 3.6 million impressions. 

Hashtag Challenge: This format is worth $130,000. Both Brand Takeover and One Day ads are included in this package.  ( Hashtag Challenge Plus costs $160,000)

Branded Effects: The format costs $45,000 for 30 days The effects are created by TikTok’s in-house creative team.

Mid-Tier Package: It costs advertisers $12,000 to work with these influencers.  This package consists of five creators, all of whom have less than a million followers on the app.

Top-Tier Package: This group of influencers will set advertisers back $35,000.  Similar to the mid-tier package, except these five influencers all have between one and five million followers. 

Value Hybrid Package: This package costs $20,000. This smorgasbord of talent includes two top-tier creators and three mid-tier creators. 

Premium Hybrid Package: This selection of influencers is worth $30,000. This mix of influencers includes one ‘VIP Creator’, who has more than 500 followers as well as two top-tier creators and two mid-tier creators. 

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