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The Brain’s Influence on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

In this enlightening episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast, we have the privilege of hosting Dr. Julia DiGangi, a renowned neuropsychologist. Join us as we explore the fascinating connection between the brain’s wiring and workplace behaviors such as motivation, performance, leadership, and relationships.


Dr. DiGangi delves into the intricate relationship between leadership and emotional intelligence, emphasizing that they are nearly indistinguishable. Discover how your responses in moments of adversity shape your leadership journey. As she aptly puts it, “Leadership is about who you become in the moments of pain.”


Drawing from her extensive experience working with torture survivors, combat veterans, bereaved parents, and orphans, Dr. DiGangi shares profound insights into the multifaceted nature of suffering and the coping strategies that can help individuals navigate these challenges.


Dr. Julia DiGangi

Dr. Julia DiGangi is not your typical neuropsychologist. Her mission goes beyond the realm of traditional therapy. With a profound understanding of the brain’s intricate connections with stress, resilience, and relationships, she empowers leaders, corporate teams, and couples to confront the pain in their lives head-on.

As an authority in the field, Dr. Julia offers a fresh perspective on relationships, the impact of emotional pain, and practical solutions to interpersonal challenges. From overwhelmed corporate leaders to couples scarred by trauma, and even dysfunctional teams, she has guided thousands on a transformative journey to rewire their brains for better relationships.

Dr. Julia’s approach revolves around helping individuals comprehend their brains in entirely new ways, ultimately enabling them to achieve the interpersonal effectiveness they crave.

Before embarking on her journey as a neuropsychologist, Dr. Julia DiGangi made her mark in international humanitarian relief, delivering aid in some of the world’s most dire “disaster zones.” She also lent her expertise to various U.S. presidential campaigns and contributed her skills at The White House.

In her clinical practice, she specializes in treating patients grappling with stress-related conditions like PTSD and anxiety. Additionally, Dr. Julia works closely with a diverse range of clients, including corporate teams, couples, and families, who are navigating the complexities of relationship pain.

Dr. Julia’s influence extends beyond her clinical practice. She is a sought-after keynote speaker, captivating audiences from corporate boardrooms to healthcare institutions, government agencies, and educational settings. Her insights have not only graced the pages of scientific literature but have also resonated with readers of esteemed publications such as Harvard Business Review, The Chicago Tribune, and Psychology Today.

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