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Revolutionizing B2B Marketing: A Conversation with Phonexa’s CMO Talar Malakian

In this insightful episode of the Lead Gen HQ podcast, host Alex Oliveira sits down with Talar Malakian, the dynamic CMO of Phonexa. As a recognized B2B, Demand Gen, and Marketing Leader, Talar’s work at Phonexa focuses on building and growing platforms specifically tailored for marketers, creators, and affiliates.

Together, they delve into the cutting-edge world of AI Marketing trends, examining how Phonexa is driving innovation in Demand Gen & Affiliate Marketing through best practices. They explore Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation software that caters to every aspect of the marketing journey including calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

What sets Phonexa apart? Talar sheds light on their unique approach to content creation. Rather than just selling products or features, Phonexa zeroes in on delivering value to their audience. The key to this customer-centric approach? Asking their customers what they want.

Listen in to learn about the strategies and philosophies that have propelled Phonexa to the forefront of the marketing world, and how you can apply these principles to enhance your marketing efforts. Whether you’re a marketer, creator, affiliate, or simply interested in the evolving landscape of marketing, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable takeaways that will inspire and inform your work.