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About us

The Prediq collective is a diverse team of hardworking, highly skilled professionals that will stop at nothing to turn your biggest challenges into your biggest growth opportunities. We combine our extensive marketing expertise and proven business strategies with your team’s industry know-how to co-create and execute the most dynamic, engaging and profitable marketing campaigns.


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Our team understands what it takes to propel growth. What does this mean for your business? It means empowering your business to experience a total digital transformation. It means challenging the standards and making a commitment to the unique process that is business growth. We help align your mission with your messaging — and your budget. We’re skilled at uncovering hidden growth opportunities and discovering what works for your industry; because how can you be successful without knowing what works?


Prediq Solutions

We’ve been where you are – which is why we understand the challenges that come with navigating today’s ever-changing marketing landscape. But the reality of the digital world is that you better show up, and show up big. You’ve got to spend time and resources to ensure you stay relevant and dynamic among the competitors in your industry, and that means you either become a part-time marketer in your non-existent spare time, you create an in-house marketing position, you pick up a part-time freelancer or you decide to put it all in the hands of a marketing agency. Until now.


Alison Rubin

"Alex and his Prediq Media team, which included digital media producer Brian Lowe, donated their time creating a marketing video for us = the Faulk Center for Counseling, a 40+ year old non-profit agency providing free and low cost mental health services to the community. Alex and Brian did an outstanding job. They are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to others. They are extremely responsive and responsible!"

Monique Delatorres

"Alex is a joy to work with! He and his team walk you through the entire creative process and are always available to answer any questions you may have. He is energetic and will work tirelessly to help your company reach its potential."

Marc Mannino

"Alex and Prediq Media have helped me develop a contemporary approach to modern day advertising. With a newly designed website and exposure on social media, my services providing guitar music for weddings are now receiving the kind of attention I always desired. The patience Alex and the employees of Prediq Media showed for someone like me, with an old school mentality for advertising was unparalleled!!"

Steven Stark

"I've worked with Prediq Media for several years; both as legal counsel to the company and as a client. The level of knowledge and technological achievement is without equal and the results are outstanding - all without compromising their high ethical standards. I can't say that about the other digital marketing companies I've worked with. We'll be launching my new webpage shortly. Thanks Alex and Levi!"

Christopher Brooks

"My plastic surgery practice has been with Alex and his team for less than a year. Initially I was skeptical. But, honestly, we have seen an incredible jump in web traffic and in actual patients. I am only now becoming less amazed when I ask a patient who referred her to me and she says, "I found your website." Before Prediq that would absolutely never happen. Now it's becoming the norm. I appreciate the work they are doing - it has been a game changer. Thanks guys!"


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