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Prediq Certifications

At Prediq, our commitment to excellence is underscored by our dedication to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. We invest in continuous learning and development to ensure that our team possesses the latest skills and knowledge necessary to drive success for our clients. Our expertise spans a spectrum of digital marketing disciplines, empowering us to craft tailored strategies that deliver impactful results. Partnering with Prediq means aligning with a team that prioritizes staying ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of your brand.


The Semrush Agency Partners program offers a unique opportunity for skilled marketers to outsource with confidence. These experienced professionals have a proven track record of helping clients achieve remarkable growth, leveraging their expertise in utilizing Semrush’s data and tools to drive better and faster results. By joining the Semrush Agency Partners program, marketers gain access to powerful technology and resources, ensuring they can deliver exceptional value to their clients. With a seamless matching process and free, easy search functionalities, the Semrush Agency Partners program empowers marketers to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

The Google Partners program stands as a testament to excellence in digital marketing, offering a platform for skilled professionals to showcase their expertise and elevate their clients’ success. As long-time users of Google’s suite of marketing tools and services, Agency Partners bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. By becoming Google Partners, marketers gain access to exclusive resources, training, and support, enabling them to deliver exceptional results for their clients. From AdWords to Analytics, Agency Partners leverage Google’s powerful technology to drive measurable growth and achieve their clients’ business objectives. With the Google Partners program, marketers can outsource confidently, knowing they have the backing of one of the most influential names in the industry.

HubSpot’s Solutions Directory serves as a gateway to connect businesses with certified partners who possess unparalleled expertise in leveraging HubSpot’s suite of tools and services. HubSpot partners within this directory have demonstrated their proficiency in driving business growth and achieving tangible results for their clients. Whether you’re seeking assistance with inbound marketing, sales enablement, or customer service automation, our partners are equipped to address any business need. With HubSpot’s Solutions Directory, you gain access to a network of trusted experts who can help you unlock the full potential of your business.

Meta’s Media Certification offers an invaluable opportunity for marketers and advertisers to hone their skills and expertise in leveraging Meta’s diverse advertising platforms effectively. As a certified Meta Media company, Prediq gains access to advanced training modules, cutting-edge tools, and exclusive resources tailored to elevate your advertising strategies.