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Our targeted PPC campaigns help drive potential consumers to your website or landing page via banner ads or other display advertisements.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Sit down with our team.

Step 2

Keyword Research

Why do we start with keywords and how will this improve the build out process of your ppc campaigns. How to select the right keywords to maximize performance.

Step 3


Knowing your audience and how to set the right configurations to target them.

Step 4

Google Ads Editor Templates

Creating your campaign template for an accurate campaign build-out process ready to upload into Google Ads editor

Step 5

Structuring Scalable Campaigns

How do we structure our campaigns and ad groups to get maximum results. How naming conventions can be leveraged to improve management of campaigns.

Step 6

Ad Copy for Extended Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads

How do we create the best ad copy possible to boost ad scores and get favorable positioning and cost per click.

Step 7

Ad Extensions

How to create the best ad extensions possible to maximize ad scores and performance.

Step 8

Conversion Actions

Setting the right conversion actions to ensure bidding strategies are receiving the correct conversion data.

Step 9

Budget and Bidding Strategy

What budget and bidding strategy will help scale campaigns to perform best. How to choose the right bidding strategy and when to activate them.

Step 10

Landing Pages

How to use landing pages and improve conversion rates on landing pages for campaigns.

Step 11


When do I automate? How to choose the right rules to help maximize performance and management of campaigns.

Step 12


End of process

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