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Mastering Lead Ads: Google vs. Facebook – A Deep Dive with IT Case Study

In this episode of Lead Gen HQ, we will take you through the dynamic world of lead generation using lead ads on Google and Facebook. Discover the ins and outs of generating leads as we delve into a fascinating case study of an IT company. This company has harnessed the power of lead ads not only to generate appointments for their sales team but also to drive calls and schedule demonstrations with their product team.

We will break down the critical differences in cost per lead (CPL), contact rates, and conversion rates between Google and Facebook lead ads. Plus, get insider tips on optimizing your lead flow. Learn how to use Zapier to seamlessly integrate leads from Facebook and Google into your CRM and Email Service Provider, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

This episode is for anyone looking to refine their lead generation strategy. Whether it’s targeting precision, crafting irresistible offers, or nurturing leads, get ready for a journey that could revolutionize your approach to digital marketing. Tune in and transform your lead gen game!