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Does your business need more leads?

It’s no secret that there’s no magic formula to generating leads. The good news is that with solid, proven strategies, your business can grow! We’ve successfully generated over 24 million leads for more than 3,000 brands in the past 12 years.

The team at Prediq understands that solopreneurs, micro-businesses and nonprofits don’t have the time or budget to market their business, grow their customer base and reach their target market. Year after year we survey thousands of businesses. The top challenge ranges from hiring people to technology to marketing. “Ability to Effectively Market my Business” and “Not Enough Customers” were two of the top 3 challenges for solopreneurs, micro-businesses and nonprofits

To help address these challenges, Prediq is excited to introduce the Marketing Accelerator program. Our Marketing Accelerator Program (M.A.P) is a program designed to help you learn and apply the best strategies to scale your business. This includes an initial evaluation, a 2 hour course to teach you the strategies, a series of webinars to discuss the planning, direction and measurement of a marketing idea or larger strategic tactic.

Marketing Strategies you’ll learn:

  • Increase customer retention and loyalty
  • Create and target customer personas
  • Develop email marketing strategy
  • Improve social media marketing
  • Utilize video marketing
  • Diversify local advertising
  • Improve brand image and awareness
  • Generate better reviews
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Improve website or blogging
  • Build or adjust your sales funnel

Cost: $1,500

Time: 6 weeks

Apply today!