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Prediq's Work with Lending Tree

About Lending Tree

Lending Tree is an established online lending marketplace, founded in 1996 and based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It serves as a platform for potential borrowers to connect with various lenders for loans, credit cards, deposit accounts, insurance, and more, offering a way to shop and compare rates and terms across a wide range of financial products.

The Problem

The primary challenge was generating a high volume of qualified leads, especially in their Home Improvement channel, while simultaneously exploring the potential of mortgage lead generation.

The Solution

Online Lead Generation for Home Improvement Channel (2013-2016): Prediq effectively utilized its digital marketing expertise to drive a significant number of leads to Lending Tree’s Home Improvement channel. This was achieved through targeted online campaigns that reached potential borrowers at the right time with the right message, leveraging platforms and strategies best suited to engage this specific audience.


Database Utilization for Mortgage Leads: During the process, Prediq discovered that its database, Quotebound, was also capable of generating valuable mortgage leads. This insight led to the expansion of lead generation efforts, not just limited to the Home Improvement channel but also effectively tapping into the mortgage sector.


Tailored Digital Strategies: Employed a mix of content marketing, SEO, paid search marketing, and email marketing campaigns, all tailored to resonate with Lending Tree’s diverse user base. These efforts were focused on highlighting Lending Tree’s unique value proposition in the competitive financial marketplace, emphasizing their ability to provide a variety of options and competitive rates.