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How To Understand Colors And Choose The Right Palette

              When designing, whether it is a website, a graphic, a flyer, or anything for that matter… Color can change almost every single aspect of your product. Understanding the meaning of color within your designs and using it to your advantage will allow you to convey exactly what mood you intend your consumers to feel. When it comes to website designing, colors tend to be very subjective.  Selecting and displaying the best colors for your website will allow visitors to closer connect with your brand on a subconscious level.


              Contrary to popular belief, you cannot use just one single color in your design work, whether it is a site, logo, or any type of business branding.  To have the highest rate of success, using a combination of two or more colors will be most effective.  Sometimes making a wise decision on which color mixtures are best for your website or brand is challenging, however, nobody knows your brand better than you! Luckily, there are plenty of resources online to help you choose the best color solutions for your project.

              Color Palettes are a useful tool to keep consistency throughout your website.  What is a color palette?  A modern-day color palette is something that designers use to hold colors.  One of my personal favorite resources for color palettes is Color palettes are a great tool for consistency in your design work, practically essential.



              They say first impressions are everything.  Now that you understand the importance of color selection, it is time to understand what each color means.  Below is a list of our color descriptions, read each one as you think of your brand or website.  Identifying your brand essence will bring you closer to selecting the ones that will be best for the job.  Be sure to check out what colors your potential competitors are using as well, it is always useful to compare your brand/website with other brands/websites that you respect or see as competition.  Once you have come to terms with your selections, create your color palette and start building out your empire!


  • RED
    • Energy
    • Increases heart rate and creates urgency
    • Often seen with clearance sales and references to food
    • Optimistic and youthful
    • Often used to grab a viewer’s attention
  • BLUE
    • Creates the sensation of trust and security
    • Often used by banks and businesses
    • Associated with wealth
    • The easiest color for the eye to process and used with finance or entertainment websites
    • Aggressiveness
    • Used as a call-to-action and attention grabber
  • PINK
    • Romantic and feminine
    • Used to market products and services for women and young girls
    • Soothing and calm
    • Often relates to beauty or anti-aging products
    • Powerful and sleek
    • Seen as luxurious and sophisticated


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