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How To Create a Workflow For Customer Email Responses

Email automation is one of the best digital advancements in the world of communication. It allows you to scale your customer base and be consistent. Most ESP’s (Email Service Providers) offer this feature nowadays. Think of the customer journey throughout the lifetime of the sales and services you offer. Then create a customer chain of emails for each touchpoint.

  1. Inbox management: All customer emails are directed to a designated email inbox, where they are sorted and categorized by type of inquiry (e.g. sales, technical support, billing, etc.).
  2. Triage: Emails are triaged by a team member to determine the priority level of each inquiry and to ensure that they are directed to the appropriate team or individual for further handling.
  3. Initial response: Within a designated timeframe (e.g. within 24 hours), a team member will provide an initial response to the customer, acknowledging receipt of their email and providing a brief summary of the issue at hand.
  4. Research: Team members will research the issue, gather any necessary information, and consult with other relevant teams or individuals to fully understand the customer’s request.
  5. Resolution: Once the issue is fully understood, team members will work to resolve the customer’s request, providing clear and detailed instructions or solutions.
  6. Follow-up: Team members will follow-up with the customer to ensure that their request has been fully resolved and that they are satisfied with the outcome.
  7. Escalation: If a customer’s request cannot be resolved by the initial team member, it will be escalated to a higher-level team member or manager for further handling.
  8. Tracking and reporting: All customer inquiries and responses are tracked and recorded in a CRM system for reporting and analysis purposes.

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