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Honoring Black Excellence: Celebrating Black History Month – 2/12/24

The End of an Era: Navigating a Cookie-less Future in 2024

Join us on the Lead Gen HQ podcast as we delve into a major shift in the digital landscape: the phasing out of third-party cookies in 2024. This episode unpacks the implications of Chrome joining Firefox and Safari in deprecating third-party cookies, a move that signals a new era for web privacy and digital marketing.

We’ll explore what this means for web developers, marketers, and businesses, and how it impacts user experience and data privacy. Tune in to understand the challenges and opportunities of this transition, and how to prepare for a cookie-less future.

Celebrating Black History Month

February marks Black History Month, a time to honor the achievements, contributions, and resilience of African Americans throughout history. At Prediq, we’re proud to recognize and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and invaluable impact of Black individuals and communities worldwide.

This month, we’re spotlighting one of our clients, ICABA, and its founder Jerome Hutchinson, Jr. ICABA is a global network dedicated to empowering Black professionals and entrepreneurs, providing resources, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs. Jerome Hutchinson, Jr., the visionary behind ICABA, is a trailblazer in his own right, championing diversity and inclusion in the business world.

Join us in commemorating this significant month by exploring stories of empowerment, diversity, and progress, and let’s continue to amplify Black voices, support Black-owned businesses, and foster a more inclusive future together.

Podcast Perfection with Prediq: Set Up on Spotify for Podcasters!

It’s safe to say that every company struggles with Content Marketing. Whether it’s the strategy, creation or distribution of the content. It’s all very hard, time consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

Over the years, we have found that podcasting allows us to consistently create content that is both valuable for our customers, and audience of new people interested in our topics.

Podcasting has changed over the years. Today more than ever it is really inexpensive to create a podcast. Thanks to Spotify, you can now host your podcast for free on their platform. We use to spend hundreds of dollars per year on other hosting platforms. As of this year, we decided to move all of our podcasts to Spotify for Podcasters. 

We created this video to help you see how easy it is to create and manage the podcast on Spotify. When properly done a podcast will elevate your digital presence and generate more business for you. Take it from us, we’ve done over 500 episodes in the past 5 years, it works!  

In this video you’ll uncover the steps of setting up your podcast on Spotify for Podcasters. From crafting compelling content to optimizing your Spotify profile, we’ve streamlined the process into easy steps.

I know what you’re thinking, there’s more to podcasts than the hosting platform.

  1. Guide to Setting Up Your Podcast at Home
  2. Learn what it takes from our friend Lindsay – her podcast ‘All Ears English’ started in 2013, and has more than 250 million downloads
  3. Use ChatGPT to help you answer other important questions like;

Embrace the Love

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches! Let’s celebrate all forms of love, from romantic gestures to platonic connections and self-love. Join us in spreading love and positivity beyond the traditional boundaries of the holiday. Whether planning a romantic evening or practicing self-care, may this Valentine’s Day bring joy and plenty of love into your life.

Valentine’s Tip: Use AI and ChatGPT to craft the perfect love letter. Check out this GPT!

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