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Prediq's Work with Heide International

About heide International

Heide International is a specialized mortgage broker in Florida, known for its dedicated service in assisting local clients and foreign nationals in purchasing homes in Florida. The team’s expertise extends to understanding diverse financial needs and situations, and they boast a vast network of real estate agents, attorneys, and title companies.

The Problem

The challenge was to develop a compelling video strategy that could enhance their online presence, particularly on their YouTube channel and website, to attract and educate potential home buyers.

The Solution

Video Content Strategy for YouTube Channel: Developed a series of informative and engaging video content for Heide International’s YouTube channel. These videos focused on various aspects of the home buying process in Florida, including tips for foreign nationals, insights into the local real estate market, and guidance on mortgage options. The goal was to establish Heide International as a knowledgeable and trustworthy broker in the eyes of potential clients.


Integration of Video Content on Website: Ensured that the video content was seamlessly integrated into their website. This included creating a dedicated section for video resources, embedding videos on relevant pages, and using video content to enhance the user experience and provide valuable information to website visitors.


Promotion and SEO Optimization of Videos: Implemented promotional strategies to increase the visibility of the video content. This involved optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags for SEO, as well as promoting the videos through Heide International’s social media channels and email marketing campaigns.