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Free Shipping And E-commerce Go Hand In Hand

It’s estimated that more than 50% of online sellers offer free shipping to their customers. A recent study by McKinsey found that,

80% of consumers expect free shipping when ordering a certain dollar amount of products.

Amazon charges it’s members $119 per year or $12.99 per month for Amazon Prime. While there are many benefits to Amazon Prime, none is more important to members than Free Shipping. Survey after survey shows that consumers are more likely to pick a product based on the fact that the seller is giving them free shipping. Even though most consumers know that they’re still paying for part of all of the shipping costs, the consumer feels better about those imaginary words “free shipping.” Sellers and brands simply bake-in the cost of shipping into the costs. Amazon simply passes on the cost to he seller. In the end it doesn’t matter who pays, all we know is that giving your customers the idea that they get free shipping works.

Facebook announced that they will help sellers this holiday season by offering your customers free shipping when they buy your products using checkout on Facebook or Instagram. They’ll pay up to $15 to ship each order now through January 1, 2022. Simply upgrade to in-app checkout (it’s free) and start using this offer to attract new customers, increase sales and build brand awareness. Just imagine if you sell 1,000 units and save your customers $15 in each transaction. That’s $15,000 right there!

How it works

  1. Upgrade your checkout to sell through Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Customers see Free Shipping from Facebook on your eligible products now through January 1, 2022.
  3. At checkout, they’ll get a shipping credit up to $15.
  4. You’ll be reimbursed by Facebook in your payouts.

It’s possible you’re already signed up for Checkout on Facebook. The idea behind selling to your customer while they’re on Facebook or Instagram is that it reduces the friction in the customer journey, thereby increasing conversions. Ultimately, it’s a more enjoyable customer experience. Below is the graph illustrating the “Checkout Method” in the Facebook Commerce Manager.

Once you click “Upgrade Checkout,” you’ll need to add your items from your catalog.

Learn more on Facebook Business Help

3 Most Important Ecommerce Shipping Considerations:

  1. Product size and weight: What’s the difference in size and weight from your smallest, lightest SKUs to your largest, heaviest SKUs?
  2. Shipping destinations: Where are you shipping to — domestic or international?
  3. Shipping options: What are the best shipping services or carriers for your unique needs?

For more tactics on ways to offer Free Shipping read this post on Shopify!

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