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Digital Marketing Program for Nonprofits

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Owls for Good at
Florida Atlantic University

Prediq Nonprofit Partner

In 2016 Prediq forged a remarkable partnership with Florida Atlantic University in a program aptly named “Owls for Good.” This collaboration has empowered over 30 nonprofits through comprehensive marketing support. Prediq’s commitment extended to deploying their skilled marketing staff to work alongside FAU students, imparting practical knowledge and expertise in areas like Google Ads and Email Marketing.


This unique educational initiative began with Prediq’s outreach to the community, inviting nonprofits to apply for a chance to receive marketing services valued at $10,000, completely free of charge. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of applications pouring in. The program’s impact has been profound, culminating in over $250,000 worth of marketing work under the guidance of Prediq. An added benefit of this venture was the invaluable hands-on learning experience it provided to the students, allowing them to learn by actively engaging in real-world marketing projects.

Tools To Market Your Nonprofit

Prediq Business App

Elevate your nonprofit's online presence with Prediq's SEO Business App. Our powerful tool provides strategic guidance tailored to nonprofit success. Effortlessly manage and optimize your website's SEO, ensuring your cause stands out in online searches. Drive visibility, attract supporters, and maximize your impact with Prediq.

AI Content App

Craft compelling narratives for your nonprofit's mission using Prediq's AI Content App. Easily generate engaging content that resonates with your audience. From impactful stories to informative articles, this tool streamlines content creation, helping you communicate effectively and connect with your supporters on a deeper level.

Google Ads Grant

Unlock the full potential of Google Ads Grants with Prediq and AdZooma. Maximize your nonprofit's budget by accessing $10,000 USD monthly advertising credits. Our collaboration ensures strategic guidance and effortless management, empowering you to create impactful campaigns that amplify your message, attract supporters, and drive your mission forward.

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