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Digital Marketing Podcast

Check out the Dadpreneur Podcast!

Creating quality content is hard. Consistently creating quality content is even harder. I can attest to this as a Digital Marketer for over 10 years & an Entrepreneur over the past 20 years. There’s no shortage of people and businesses looking for content around the work I do. The thing is there’s already so much content surrounding the topic of Digital Marketing and Online Lead Generation. The truth is the bar for becoming an “expert” in anything these days is pretty low. You can launch a Blog, Podcast or Youtube channel and say you’re a Legal or Medical expert. Chances are if you know what you’re doing in terms of optimizing your website and content, you’ll be found and the user won’t even bother to question your credentials. That being said, the onus is on me to not only create the top notch & most accurate content, but also to optimize it across multiple channels so that those searching for real solutions can actually find it.

Over the past 10 years I’ve written thousands of blog posts, email campaigns, etc. This year my focus is to create the best podcast about Digital Marketing and Online Lead Generation. I’ll also discuss my entrepreneurial journey & balancing life as a dad. I know, I know… most Marketers would advise me to stick to one specific topic. I’ve done that in the past, and it was a great way to quickly grow an audience and monetize it. As a matter of fact, I had a podcast in 2014-15 that was sponsored by one of our vendors. They chose the topics and guests as they were the ones footing the bill. This time I’m going about it a little different.

You see, we’ve generated more than 22 million leads for clients since 2011. I want to share my best and worst strategies so that Small Businesses, Start-ups and Nonprofits can grow their businesses. So, how will I go about setting up, creating, launching and growing this podcast? To help you decide whether Podcasting is a type of Content you want to create to promote your brand or product, I’ll lay out my plan into 4 parts and provide some details on cost, links and resources. I’ll skip the Ideation phase as it was something I worked on for over a year before I arrived at setting up and launching this podcast. The only thing I’ll say about this is that you should listen to a few hundred hours of podcasts both in your genre as well as other topics that you’re interested in. Take notes on the format and things you like or dislike. This will help you get clear on your plan.

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Podcast Set Up Plan

  1. Equipment (AT2005 Mic = $79)
  2. Editing Software (Audacity = Free)
  3. Decide on frequency and length of each episode (I’m doing 2 per week)
  4. Set up Podcast Hosting (Podbean Hosting $150 p/yr)
  5. Set up simple website (Siteground Hosting $120 p/yr + free Wordpress theme)
  6. Upload Recordings and push RSS Feed to Apple, Spotify and other podcast platforms
  7. Record and Upload Sample recordings
  8. Consider attending a Conference like PodFest or Podcast Movement
  9. Join some Groups and get involved in the community

Creation Phase

  1. Create Artwork (Canva = Free OR Fiverr = $20-50)
  2. Test out the flow of your Episodes (intro, interview, lesson, etc) I’m still testing with mine
  3. Order Intro/Outro (Fiverr = $50)
  4. Record a Trailer (Get unlimited music, images, video on Envato for $16 p/m)
  5. Create a List of Podcast Topics (Try AnswerThePublic to get ideas)
  6. Be clear on your goals for each episode (Watch some Ted Talks for inspiration on your “why”)
  7. Decide on the format for show notes (Listen Notes = Free)
  8. Record & Edit Episode 0
  9. Guest List (If you plan on having guests, make that list or use a service like Podmatch or Interview Valet)
  10. Ask friends and family for feedback

Podcast Pre-Launch & Launch Plan

Before I share the bullet points for your launch plan, I want to give you a different perspective on another way of sharing your podcast. You may not want to share your podcast with the public. Meaning, you may want to reserve this content for your VIP clients. There’s nothing like exclusive content to make customers feel special. I’ve done this with a course I built on Teachable. I recorded a series of FAQ’s and shared Case Studies in the format of audio files. This is especially valuable if you have a membership website or private community of fans.

  1. Record & edit 4-5 episodes to get you through the first month
  2. Set up your favorite Social Media Community pages (Free)
  3. Create Audiograms (Free)
  4. Set up Email Newsletter on Website (Constant Contact = Free)
  5. Set Up Analytics on website
  6. Call & SMS podcast link to all your friends and family
  7. Ask listeners for Ratings & Reviews
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Podcast Growth Plan

  • Be a guest on other Podcasts
  • Set up weekly Email blasts
  • Create Social Media posts and promote them to create awareness (set a budget, say $100 p/m)
  • Record a series of videos and promote it on Youtube (1-4 cents cost per view will get you some eyeballs)
  • Ask your guests to share the episode with their connections
  • Go Premium on PodMatch ($43 p/m)

So, there you have it! This is my napkin plan to launch and grow the Dadpreneur podcast. If you’re interested in learning more about Digital Marketing & Lead Generation or want to hear guests share their stories, go check out the podcast and let me know what you think. You can find it on most Podcast websites and apps.