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How Prediq Helps Hospitality Professionals

The hospitality business is a globally interconnected industry requiring a constantly updated digital presence. The importance of technology to provide real-time availability and pricing on your website cannot be understated. Many hotels and resorts often rely heavily on portals such as Expedia and Orbitz; however, those portals will not create loyal guests. Whether you are a local hotel or a global tourism brand, reaching the right target at the right time is critical in the hospitality industry.

By creating compelling digital marketing campaigns, including pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, video marketing, social media and more, your business can secure brand loyalty from guests. A couple of poorly managed comments or negative reviews could quickly damage your hard earned reputation. Above and beyond all, hotels and resorts must monitor their social media signals, reviews from search sites like Yelp and create a plan for reputation management. Developing a good social media marketing strategy along with solid search engine optimization techniques will ensure a successful presence in today’s digital market.

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