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Curtanna: Master the Art of Fitness through Fencing

About Curtanna

Curtanna is dedicated to redefining fitness through the art of fencing, offering a unique and engaging whole-body workout experience. Specializing in the fusion of athleticism and the age-old sport of fencing, Curtanna provides a dynamic platform for individuals seeking a fitness journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Our programs combine the precision of fencing techniques with comprehensive physical conditioning, delivering a holistic approach to health and wellness.

The Problem

Establishing a strong brand identity for Curtanna, a fencing company started by renowned fencer James Beevers, and designing a website that resonates with their target audience.

The Solution

Logo and Branding Assets Design: Created a distinctive set of logos and branding assets that reflect the heritage and expertise of James Beevers and the sport of fencing. This branding was tailored to appeal to both fencing enthusiasts and newcomers to the sport.


Focus Groups for Website Design: Conducted focus groups to gain insights into the preferences and expectations of Curtanna’s target audience. This informed the design and functionality of Curtanna’s website, ensuring it would effectively engage and attract potential customers and fencing enthusiasts.