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Prediq's Community Involvement

Our Mission and Values

At Prediq, we are deeply committed to giving back to the community. Our involvement with various nonprofit organizations across the US is a core part of our mission. By volunteering our time and expertise, we aim to make a significant impact and support these organizations in achieving their goals.

Our Nonprofit Partnerships

We have had the privilege of working with an array of nonprofit organizations, each dedicated to different causes. Here’s a glimpse of our collaborations:


  1. HabCenter: Serving adults with differing abilities.
  2. Broward Pantry: Providing assistance to seniors.
  3. Junior Achievement
  5. City House Delray
  6. Grace Church
  7. And many more.

Owls for Good Initiative

A standout project, Owls For Good, was launched at Florida Atlantic University in collaboration with Dr. Ann Root. This initiative paired undergraduate Marketing and MBA students with local nonprofits for hands-on experience. This project not only benefited students but also had an estimated impact of over $250,000 on the nonprofits involved.

Nonprofits Participating in Our Project

CEO's Personal Contributions

Our CEO, Alex Oliveira, extends his personal commitment to community service through various roles:

  • Judge at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) teen startup competition.
  • Mentor for Junior Achievement, Bridge for Billions, and Young Entrepreneurs Academy.
  • Supporting young entrepreneurs in their journey.

Our commitment to community service is woven into the fabric of Prediq. We believe in the power of collaboration, and through our work with these amazing nonprofits, we continue to drive positive change in communities across the US.