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Category: Social Media

Should You Buy an Instagram Account?

First, let’s start by saying that an Instagram account or any social media page for that matter, are controlled by publicly traded companies. That’s an important point to consider because you do not own that channel. Like we’ve seen in recent years, tech companies can shut down or suspend a page for what they deem […]

Tik Tok Ad Pricing

Tik Tok has many options for Small Businesses Standard Ads: minimum of $25,000. CPM of $8 Takeover Ads: The minimum spend for this format is $53,000 per day, which buys 8.9 impressions. Topview Ads: For 7.4 million impressions, advertisers must fork out $65,000 per day.  In-Feed video: The starting price for this format is $26,000 […]

Quality Leads, Consistently — How to Design a Lead Gen Funnel That Works

13 Lead Generation Tips & Tools: Be clear on your campaign objectives and expected CPA (cost per acquisition) Define your target audience and geographic market Make sure tracking is in place (use Google Analytics) Create a scoring mechanism & criteria for prospects. Understand your Customer’s Journey! Design a dedicated Landing Page (try Unbounce) Hire a […]

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads launched several months ago. We’ve seen great success on several client campaigns. It gives people a way to sign up for information from the businesses and brands they care about. 2 new ways to tell people what they’re signing up for People are more likely to sign up for—and stay signed up […]