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Category: Social Media

Tik Tok Ad Pricing

Tik Tok has many options for Small Businesses Standard Ads: minimum of $25,000. CPM of $8 Takeover Ads: The minimum spend for this format is $53,000 per day, which buys 8.9 impressions. Topview Ads: For 7.4 million impressions, advertisers must fork out $65,000 per day.  In-Feed video: The starting price for this format is $26,000 […]

Quality Leads, Consistently — How to Design a Lead Gen Funnel That Works

13 Lead Generation Tips & Tools: Be clear on your campaign objectives and expected CPA (cost per acquisition) Define your target audience and geographic market Make sure tracking is in place (use Google Analytics) Create a scoring mechanism & criteria for prospects. Understand your Customer’s Journey! Design a dedicated Landing Page (try Unbounce) Hire a […]

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads launched several months ago. We’ve seen great success on several client campaigns. It gives people a way to sign up for information from the businesses and brands they care about. 2 new ways to tell people what they’re signing up for People are more likely to sign up for—and stay signed up […]