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Author: Erin Oliveira

Leveraging the Power of AI and Chat GPT: Insights from Alex Oliveira and Prediq

The Small Biz Florida podcast continues to captivate listeners with its diverse range of influential guests, providing valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship, growth strategies, and Florida’s thriving economy. Episode 200 of the podcast features an exclusive interview with Alex Oliveira, the founder and CEO of Prediq, a cutting-edge lead generation company based on […]

Book Launch: If You Build It, Will They Come?

The Golden Path to Lead Generation Success For Your Business I just launched my first book. I’m really excited! My hope is that this book will help business owners, marketers and solopreneurs gain both the confidence and the tools necessary to create online lead generation success for their businesses. I’ve had the good fortune of […]

5 Innovative Business Development Strategies

Business development is the process of recognizing, attracting, and obtaining new opportunities that will facilitate business growth. To achieve this, you need to adopt reliable business development strategies, as well as consistently optimize those strategies to suit your business. You should identify the strategies that are viable for your business and maximize them. Here are […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Business Development

Successful business development includes and impacts every department within a company, from sales, marketing, and HR to accounting, finance, and product development. Due to the importance of implementing great business development activities, consistently trying new things is key to guarantee better growth opportunities are secured. These are several things you should do and mistakes to […]

What is Business Development?

Business Development Under The Microscope As an entrepreneur eager to start a business, you’re very familiar with researching, gathering information and planning. You’ve thought through your goals, you’ve found the need you’ll address with your product or service, you’ve made plans and formed teams. Whether you’re aware or not, all of these steps are part […]