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Prediq's Collaboration with Article Factory

About Article Factory

Article Factory is a web application designed to edit quality and professional content for news, blogs, articles, and more. Its primary feature is the ability to generate unique and high-quality content automatically. This is achieved through the utilization of Generative Artificial Intelligence, enabling users to create engaging and original content with ease.

The Problem

The challenge would be to effectively market the app’s AI-driven capabilities to the right audience, showcasing its efficiency in content creation and its edge over traditional methods.

The Solution

SEO and Inbound Marketing: Focused on driving organic traffic through SEO-optimized content that showcases the power and benefits of AI in content creation, targeting content marketers, writers, and digital agencies.


Email Marketing Campaigns: Designed email marketing campaigns that demonstrate the app’s capabilities through case studies, user testimonials, and tutorials, aimed at engaging with potential users and converting them into long-term customers.


PPC and Paid Media: Executed paid advertising campaigns across platforms like Google AdWords and LinkedIn, targeting professionals and businesses that could benefit from automated content creation.