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Adding Allowed Domains to Your Google Ads Account

Managing access to your Google Ads account is crucial for maintaining security and control over your campaigns. One important aspect of this is adding allowed domains to your account, which ensures that only authorized users from specific email domains can manage your Google Ads. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through adding allowed domains to your Google Ads account and explain why this step is vital for your advertising security and efficiency.

What Are Allowed Domains?

Allowed domains in Google Ads are specific email domains that you permit to have access to your account. By setting allowed domains, you ensure that only users with email addresses from these domains can request access to manage your Google Ads account. This is an essential security feature that helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures that only trusted individuals can make changes to your campaigns.

Why You Need to Add Allowed Domains to Your Google Ads Account

1. Enhanced Security

Adding allowed domains helps safeguard your Google Ads account from unauthorized access. By restricting access to specific email domains, you minimize the risk of external threats and ensure that only trusted users can manage your campaigns.

2. Improved Control

This feature gives you greater control over who can access and manage your account. It’s especially useful for agencies and businesses that work with multiple team members or external partners, ensuring that only authorized personnel can make changes.

3. Streamlined Management

Managing user access becomes easier and more efficient with allowed domains. You can quickly add or remove access for users from specific domains without having to handle individual email addresses, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.

4. Compliance and Accountability

For businesses that need to comply with industry regulations or internal policies, adding allowed domains helps ensure that only approved users are granted access. This improves accountability and helps maintain a secure, compliant advertising environment.

Check out this guide to adding allowed domains on your Google Ads account!

Adding allowed domains to your Google Ads account is a vital step in securing your advertising efforts. By ensuring that only users with email addresses from trusted domains can manage your account, you protect your campaigns from unauthorized access and maintain better control over your advertising strategy. Follow Prediq’s mini-guide to implement this security measure and enhance the efficiency and safety of your Google Ads management.