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6/5/24 – Effortlessly Manage Your Website with Our Detailed Checklist!

Keep Your Website Running Smoothly with Our Comprehensive Checklist!

Managing a website can be overwhelming, but our detailed Website Management Checklist makes it easy. Divided into Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual tasks, this Google Sheets checklist helps you stay organized and ensure your site is always secure, functional, and optimized.

Download and Use This Website Management Tool in 2 Easy Steps:

  1. Access the Link: Click the link to open the Google Sheet.
  2. Download the Sheet: Go to ‘File’ and select ‘Download’ to save it to your device.

Start using our checklist today and keep your website in top shape effortlessly!

Rise of AI-Generated Images in Misinformation

A recent study by Google and fact-checking organizations reveals a significant rise in AI-generated images used in misinformation, nearly matching traditional photo manipulation. The analysis of 136,000 fact-checks highlights a surge in AI image misinformation starting in spring 2023. AI democratization has made spreading false information easier, with real images taken out of context remaining the most common form of image-based misinformation. The study emphasizes the need for vigilance and scrutiny of content sources to combat evolving disinformation technologies.

Read more about this study at the link below!

Empowering Black Excellence: Jerome Hutchinson, Jr.

Join us for a powerful conversation on Lead Gen HQ as Alex and Jerome Hutchinson, Jr. dive into the inspiring journey of ICABA World Network, a platform dedicated to promoting career and business achievements within the black community. 

Discover the strategies that have propelled ICABA to success, from cultivating personal connections to leveraging traditional marketing approaches. Explore how ICABA has become a beacon of empowerment and opportunity for black professionals around the globe. 

Alex and Jerome also explore the significance of Black Professionals Month, a worldwide initiative aimed at celebrating and connecting black professionals across industries. Gain insights into the impact of this movement and the opportunities it presents for fostering community and collaboration. 

Don’t miss this enlightening episode as we celebrate and empower black excellence in business and beyond. Tune in to Lead Gen HQ and be inspired by the stories and strategies driving positive change in the black community!

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