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6/26/24 – Discover the New Features from Article Factory & Pushbio!

Changemaker of the Week: Cathy Sharp

This week, we spotlight Cathy Sharp, Founder and CEO of CTA Media. Born and raised in Romania, Cathy pursued her dream in the United States, driven by hard work, creativity, and ambition.
Dedication to Leadership and Inclusivity

Cathy is the founder and President of CTA Media, a Direct Response Ad agency doing things differently. Cathy’s commitment to inclusivity shines through her Travel Inclusivity Program (TIP) at CTA Media, promoting autism-friendly destinations and businesses. Whether businesses are already certified or seeking autism certification with IBCCES, CTA Media helps them effectively communicate their commitment to inclusivity.

Giving back at Spectrum 360 Foundation

As President of Spectrum 360 Foundation, Cathy supports projects enhancing the well-being of neurodivergent and autistic individuals. The foundation focuses on funding, awareness, and promoting inclusivity, empowering individuals with special needs.

We celebrate her dedication to inclusivity and community impact through CTA Media and Spectrum 360 Foundation. Her work is an inspiration, highlighting the power of ambition and compassion.

Boost Engagement with Pushbio’s Missions and Giveaways!

Rewards: Missions and Giveaways

  • Missions: Engage your audience with interactive missions. Set up tasks for your followers, such as following you on various platforms or engaging with your posts. Our platform automates the validation process and rewards users with loyalty points upon mission completion.
  • Giveaways: Host giveaways directly on your bio link page. Our system will automatically select a winner, simplifying the process for you.


  • Increase engagement and grow your social media presence.
  • Reward loyal followers with points they can use to shop in your store.

Music Industry Takes Legal Action Against AI Song-Generators

The music industry is intensifying its fight against AI song-generators. Major record labels, represented by the RIAA, have filed lawsuits against startups Suno and Udio for copyright infringement, accusing them of exploiting artists’ works without authorization.

Learn more about the legal battle and its implications below!

New Beta Features from Article Factory

Get ready for a wave of innovation with our upcoming beta features on Article Factory. Here’s what’s coming your way:

  • Enhanced Content Creation: Introducing new tools powered by three advanced language models—ChatGPT, Claude, and Google Gemini—offering diverse and dynamic capabilities to elevate your content creation journey.
  • Social Media Content Creation: Effortlessly craft engaging posts for four major social media platforms, streamlining your marketing efforts and ensuring your content shines across channels.
  • Bulk Actions: Boost productivity with our new bulk actions feature, allowing you to efficiently manage and edit multiple pieces of content simultaneously.
  • Project Folders: Revolutionize your organization with project folders that keep your work neatly categorized, enhancing team collaboration and project tracking.

Stay tuned for these exciting updates as we continue to elevate your content creation experience on Article Factory!

Podcast: Maximizing Value for Your Email Subscribers

In this episode of Lead Gen HQ, discover strategies to effectively use leads from your email subscribers while ensuring your newsletter continues to deliver the value they expect.