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5/29/24 – School’s Out, Summer’s In: Interns, Travel Tips & Marketing Must-Knows

In today’s update:

  • Summer Intern Spotlight
  • Google Business Profile Sunsetting Call History
  • 2024 Email Marketing Guidelines
  • Microsoft 365 Grant for Nonprofits
  • Traveling with Your Pet This Summer?
  • Influencer Marketing for Lead Gen
  • CreatorFest
  • Lead Gen Online Course

Summer Intern Spotlight: Luka Oliveira

I’m thrilled to share some wonderful news: my son Luka is joining us again for his third year as an intern! It’s hard to believe that my little boy, who used to hang around our office, is now a 14-year-old high schooler-to-be.

Back when I launched Prediq in 2011, Luka was just a baby. This summer, Luka will be assisting various team members with tasks ranging from creating reports to communications, including emails and phone calls.

A bit about Luka:

  • Aspiring musician who writes his own songs 
  • Passionate basketball player 
  • Enjoys ice cream on family movie nights

Looking ahead, we have three more Oliveira kids waiting for their turn to intern at Prediq.

Please join me in welcoming Luka back for another summer of learning and growth.

Google Business Profile Call History is Going Away

We wanted to inform you that starting July 31, 2024, Google will no longer provide call history reports in Google Business Profile. We understand that this may be challenging for many of our partners and clients. As we continuously strive to enhance our tools and services, we sometimes need to make tough decisions that may affect the way you manage your business. You will also continue to be able to receive calls from your Business Profile and track other engagement metrics for your business, including web traffic or directions requests.

The Solution: Implement Call Tracking for all of your companies calls including Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service.

Our Recommended Solutions

  • If you’d like a record of past Business Profile call history, you can download your past customer conversations via Google Takeout.
  • To help you adapt to this change, we recommend three call tracking solutions that we have personally tested and found effective: CallRail, JustCall, and Phonexa. These platforms offer robust features to help you manage your call tracking needs seamlessly.

Why is Call Tracking Important?

Attribution in understanding the customer journey is not a perfect science, and relying solely on Google Analytics won’t give you the full picture. We’re actually not too sad to see the Google Business Profile call tracking feature go. Google’s free solutions often fall short of providing comprehensive insights. Given that Google makes most of its revenue from ads, it’s no surprise they might not make it easy for you to track everything seamlessly.

With their array of tools like Google Ads Conversion Tags, Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio, GA4, and Google Business Profile, it’s clear that the complexity is intentional, making conversion tracking more challenging. As cookies phase out this year, tracking conversions will become even tougher. However, call tracking remains an essential analytics channel that you can’t afford to overlook.

Listen to this episode of the Lead gen HQ Podcast, where we speak to Phonexa CMO, Talar Malakian.

Google 2024 Email Marketing Guidelines

Email marketing is essential, but staying compliant with platform-specific guidelines is crucial. Google’s 2024 updates to its email sender guidelines introduce changes that significantly impact how marketers reach Gmail users. Ensuring your emails land in the primary inbox rather than spam folders requires understanding and adhering to these new guidelines.

Key Updates and Requirements:

  • Email Authentication: Use SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to protect against spoofing and phishing.
  • Infrastructure Configuration: Properly configure sending IP addresses to maintain a positive sender reputation.
  • Subscription Management: Ensure compliance with opt-in and opt-out practices for easy subscription management.
  • Message Formatting: Follow guidelines for accurate headers, clear sender information, and transparent subject lines.

Impact on Your Email Marketing:

Google’s stricter guidelines affect the effectiveness of email campaigns, especially for businesses targeting Gmail users. Non-compliance could lead to emails being blocked, marked as spam, or redirected to the promotions tab.

Optimize Your Strategy:

Align your email marketing strategy with Google’s 2024 guidelines. Download our best practices checklist and enhance your email campaigns today!

Microsoft 365 Grant for Nonprofits

Microsoft 365 Business Premium grant available free for up to 10 users and discounted pricing for additional users. Best for small and mid-sized nonprofits that need email, Office desktop applications, cloud file-storage and sharing, web conferencing with IM, audio and HD video, and simple device management and advanced security features.

Traveling with Your Pet This Summer? Let Pet Pros Services Help!

Planning a summer trip with your furry friend? Pet Pros Services has you covered! From pet-friendly travel arrangements to top-notch care while you’re away, we ensure a stress-free experience for both you and your pet. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your beloved companion is in expert hands. Visit the link below to learn more and make your summer travel plans worry-free!

Influencer Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Influence for Lead Generation

In this episode of Lead Gen HQ, we discuss influencer marketing and how it can boost your brand’s reach and drive high-quality leads. Learn what influencer marketing is, why it’s essential, and how to identify the right influencers for your brand. We’ll cover how to establish partnerships, create compelling campaigns, measure success, and nurture long-term relationships. Tune in to discover how to leverage influencer marketing to enhance your lead generation efforts and grow your business. Subscribe for more insights and strategies on Lead Gen HQ!


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