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4/22/24 – Community Engagement: Strategies for Building Thriving Audiences

Building a Thriving Community: Strategies for Cultivating Engaged Audiences

Join us for this episode of Push Forward where we discuss the art of community building. From establishing a sense of belonging to fostering meaningful interactions, learn valuable strategies for cultivating engaged audiences and creating a thriving community around your brand or business. Pioneers $20M Initiative for Generative AI Innovations! announces a $20 million program supporting nonprofits developing generative AI tech. With 21 initial recipients like and the World Bank, this initiative aims to accelerate AI-driven solutions. Dive deeper into this groundbreaking development below!

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Mark your calendars for April 28 to May 4 as we invite you to the National Small Business Week Virtual Summit, brought to you by the SBA. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize the significance of ongoing learning and networking in driving business growth.

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  • Gain actionable insights for immediate implementation in your business.
  • Receive expert advice to steer you on your entrepreneurial path.
  • Access valuable downloadable resources for future reference.
  • Network with fellow business owners nationwide.

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