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Meet the Prediq Collective

Far from your standard marketing agency, our team boasts an eclectic mix of trailblazers: from visionary entrepreneurs and celebrated authors to distinguished academics, agency leaders, and alumni of tech giants like Google and Facebook.
With Prediq, your business gains the advantage of a seasoned crew well-versed in the art of marketing and the roadmap to success.
🚀 Impact: We’ve driven revenue in the hundreds of millions.

🌍 Reach: Generated over 24 million leads.


📅 Growth: Founded in Boca Raton, Florida, in 2011.


Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paid Search

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media

Client Case Study

Prediq's Collaboration with LaBovick Law Group

About LaBovick

A well-established law firm specializing in personal injury, worker’s compensation, social security disability, mass torts, and PIP, committed to providing high-quality legal representation.

The Problem

Needed to increase their visibility to potential clients seeking legal assistance in their areas of expertise.

The Solution

SEO and Content Marketing: Implemented an SEO strategy to improve search engine rankings, focusing on keywords related to their legal services. Developed content that educates potential clients about legal rights and the firm’s expertise.


Social Media Marketing: Utilized social media platforms to share client success stories and legal insights, building trust and engagement with potential clients.


Paid Search Marketing: Created targeted PPC campaigns to reach individuals actively searching for legal services offered by LaBovick Law Group.

How We Work

Monthly Flexibility

Embark on a 30-day journey with our comprehensive strategies. Witness firsthand our expertise before deciding on a deeper engagement.

Tailored Solutions

Select precisely what your business needs. While we're here with our expert suggestions, the final choice is yours.

Freedom from Long-Term Commitments

We believe in connections, not constraints. You have the freedom to decide the duration of our partnership.

Cost-Effective Expertise

Gain access to a team of seasoned brand architects at a fraction of the cost of an in-house hire.

Why Should You Consider Us?

Our team understands what it takes to propel growth. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 brand or a local small business, our team has what it takes to help you grow your brand. We’ve generated more than 24 million leads for 3,000+ businesses.


What does this mean for your business? It means empowering your business to experience a total digital transformation. It means challenging the standards and making a commitment to the unique process that is business growth. We help align your mission with your messaging — and your budget. We’re skilled at uncovering hidden growth opportunities and discovering what works for your industry; because how can you be successful without knowing what works?

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Our pricing structure is designed for transparency and tailored to meet diverse needs, including marketing fees for ongoing services, service fees for premium or one-time offerings (like websites, landing pages, and creative assets), and set-up fees for the initial campaign launches. We bill in advance monthly and offer various payment methods, including company checks, credit cards, and ACH transfers.

The timeline for seeing tangible outcomes varies, but typically, our clients notice significant progress within 90 to 120 days. We identify and prioritize quick wins from the get-go to ensure our efforts are focused and effective from the start.

Absolutely. Every piece of creative work we produce for you and the ad accounts we manage are yours to keep. We recommend setting up your ad accounts and granting us “manager” access, ensuring you maintain full ownership of your data and analytics post-service.

Our core values of transparency, care, passion, and excellence set us apart. With a commitment to hiring and training only the top 1% of talent based on stringent internal benchmarks, we bring unparalleled expertise to your brand. Our track record speaks for itself, with over 3,000 businesses served and a proven system that consistently delivers real, measurable results without the guesswork.

As a comprehensive solution, a full-service digital marketing agency like ours offers everything from research, strategy, and media buying to digital marketing, design, copywriting, web development, and social media management. This integrated approach ensures cohesive campaigns that are both effective and efficient.

We maintain open lines of communication with monthly reports and a 24/7 accessible data dashboard highlighting your main KPIs. For those opting for our integrated marketing package, we also conduct weekly or bi-weekly Zoom calls to review tasks, progress, KPIs, and set action items.

Through proactive collaboration. We integrate your sales team into our process, involving them in calls and aligning our marketing strategy with your sales process, ensuring a seamless connection between sales and marketing efforts.

Our knowledge of the marketplace, consumer behaviors, and platforms are more expensive than that of agencies that only work within one industry or market. We do not work with your competitors in the same marketplace. Unlike specialty agencies, we create content and campaigns that aren’t simply duplicated from the previous client. Our creative team will help you standout! 

People-Centric Marketing Strategies in the Age of AI

Our Lead Generation solutions have generated more than 24 million leads for thousands of brands.
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Experience the future of marketing with our cutting-edge AI-powered solutions.

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We’re committed to being a major contributor to accurate and valuable content. You can access our resources for free!
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The first step in your journey into choosing the best Digital Marketing solutions provider is to determine your needs. Our Digital Marketing Evaluation aims to analyze your needs and point you in the right direction.

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What is a Marketing Evaluation?

The team at Prediq created this Marketing Evaluation to help clients conduct an in-depth assessment of the state of their company’s Marketing strength. The research process includes a series of questions about your customers and how they engage with your brand. It also includes examining your website, search engine optimization rankings, target audiences, messaging, platform opportunities, budgets, timeframes, conversion paths, brand and key success metrics. The Prediq team can work with you to be certain the technical components such as the website and applications are closely aligned with your goals and the marketing needs.